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Our Story

We’re CRAZY about what we do – in a good way.

We strengthen companies and enhance careers! 

We have the good fortune of working with great companies and people.  Here’s what we do:

  • We help companies positively affect their bottom line and have a greater economic impact in their community based on the people they incorporate in their organizations.
  • We help increase the quality of life and opportunities for individuals by helping them navigate and secure better careers where they can share their knowledge, contribute and learn additional skills.

Pax Resources – we are consultants who specialize in the executive search and placement process, specifically within Marketing and Information Technology, and build teams of great people across organizational structures.

WHY CHOOSE Pax Resources?

Professionalism. Integrity. Dedication. It’s rare to find all these qualities in a single employee, much less an entire team. We truly love what we do and it shows. Besides what could be better than working with great people — clients and candidates — to provide opportunities to strengthen companies and enhance lives?

About Tina

Tina started Pax Resources in 2010 based on several desires.  Let her share with you how this came about – see video

As a recruiting and staffing firm in Marketing and Information Technology, no one is better at attracting talent and bringing it here than Tina herself.

Tina enjoys working with all types of companies and hiring authorities to define what is needed and desired within the organization.  Then uniting these specifically talented people with these organizations. It’s all about people and communication.


I love what I do! I get the opportunity to meet so many people. I learn about them and what makes them tick — both candidates and hiring managers. Every person is different and quirky in their own way and yet we are all similar.  Everybody has a story. It’s my responsibility to draw out that story from both sides — candidate and client. Then I have the chance to unite people. It’s really an interesting profession!.” ~ Tina Guth

About Jon

Jon joined Pax Resources in 2017 as a technical consultant for the IT division. He has worked in various industries (steel, telecom, housing, finance, etc.), and spent considerable time at Cincinnati Bell, where his team developed software to automate the service delivery of voice, data, and video services.  Having owned and managed an IT consulting and staffing firm, as well as having broad experience in IT management, business processes, and Agile software development, Jon brings great knowledge to the IT Staffing segment of Pax Resources that has moved the organization forward. As a professional staffing manager, Jon takes a customized approach to creating staffing solutions for our clients. He is also dedicated to helping you discover your top hidden talent.

For more detailed information about Pax Resources, just contact Jon to discuss your hiring needs and make the hiring process speedy, successful and stress-free.

About AJ

AJ joined Pax Resources in April 2020.  She has a background in marketing and analytics.  She will be managing our marketing and data analytics as well as the research and candidate sourcing team. 


To strengthen companies and enhance careers by bringing great people together is interesting and challenging.  Let’s start a conversation, talk about your world, and see what we can achieve together. 


We welcome a conversation to discuss your hiring needs, career, or other employment related topics.  Call us at 859-474-2729 or email us.  It will be a great conversation!