“You’re not just
recruiting employees,
but are sowing the
seeds of your reputation.”

– Anonymous


2020! The year technology catapulted! 

We have seen amazing and rapid changes in technology along with how and where we work. 

It likely seems your projects need to be completed faster and more aggressively than ever before.  Do you have the people with the skills to develop and implement these projects?  

Has your IT budget changed?  Many organizations have seen an increase in budget and an increase in expectation to produce apps and programs faster and more efficiently.  Again, do you have the skilled people to help you meet these new plans? 

Hiring in the IT realm seems to move at lightening speed.  Most companies and particularly hiring managers do not have the time to develop relationships with people who have the skills – both hard and soft – and the experience necessary to help strengthen their organization.  Lots of people say they can code, are great developers, security experts, scrum masters, etc. It takes time to determine if the skills and experience are true which is a luxury most hiring managers cannot afford.  

Whether you need a new developer, project manager, director or CTO/CIO, let’s start a conversation about what expertise you will be adding to your team and how we can possibly assist you in making this type of person a part of your team.

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