Here are some typical questions we are asked regarding our services, interviewing as well as other aspects related to careers.

Recruiters can find a job for anybody right?
We seek people with specific skills for specific opportunities within specific organizations and sometimes within a very specific time frame. As recruiters we continually build relationships with individuals/candidates so when these specific opportunities manifest we can readily communicate with candidates about this new option.  As recruiters we typically work in certain areas either within certain industries such as manufacturing, food & beverage or medical to name a few and with certain types of careers such as engineers, marketing or nurses (again to name just a few).  Some recruiters only work with labor positions or administrative opportunities.  We are an extension of the hiring company’s organization and represent that organization and their career opportunity when searching and securing candidates.
What’s a Discovery Session?

A Discovery Session is an in-depth interview with the recruiter that provides the recruiter with more information regarding your background including your experience, skills, cultural environments, and other information related to your education, compensation, and direction of career path. The time and information you share with the recruiter allows us to get to know you and be able to represent you as related to career opportunities.

Who pays a recruiter for their services?
The hiring company being represented on a particular position is responsible for the recruiter’s compensation.
What’s a Phone Screen?

A Phone Screen is a brief conversation via phone, usually 5-15 minutes long, to determine if you have some of the experience and skills required in the career opportunity. If there are indications that you may be a potential candidate for the current opportunity, the recruiter will then schedule a Discovery Session.

I sent my resume to a recruiter so why haven’t I heard anything?

Once a resume is received, you should receive a receipt of acknowledgement.  Recruiters receive numerous resumes daily and it does take time to review your information.  If you sent the resume via email or submitted to an online system and do not hear anything within a few days, contact the recruiter to make sure the email was received.  Technology is great when it works properly, but sometimes mishaps occur.

Video Interviewing
Video interviewing is a necessity given the 2020 Pandemic and it’s here to stay! Follow these tips (make those 3 words a link to a page for video interviewing tips) to show your best side. Remember, you are the star of your own show so make sure it’s worth watching and RATED G!
What’s a confidential search?
There are times when employers ask us to refrain from disclosing their company name during our initial interviews with potential candidates.  Reasons for this range from not wanting to be inundated with calls and emails regarding the position to confidential issues within the organization.  Once a candidate completes the Discovery Session and the hiring company is interested in the individual, all information is disclosed.
Do you really check references?
You betcha!  At PAX Resources we provide you with a document for permission to secure your references, usually at the end of the Discovery Session.  We conduct reference checks and provide that information to the employer when we submit you as a potential candidate for the position.
I’m a professional so is it really necessary for you to suggest my attire for the interview with the hiring company?
While we likely won’t tell you what color tie to wear or if you should wear the blue dress instead of the gray one, we will tell you to pick something other than the purple leisure suit or beach shoes.  We will explain the culture and environment of the business and what is expected in the interview. It is always best to be prepared from your head all the way down to the polished shoes.


TELL US…What are you currently working on? 

Let’s talk about what’s interesting and challenging professionally in your world. Does your personal interest intersect with your professional work? All your experiences make you the person you are currently. We look forward to knowing you and helping you discover your next career opportunity. 


We welcome a conversation to discuss your career or other employment related topics. Call us at 859-474-2729 or email us. It will be a great conversation!