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Often when you submit your resume, you enter all your information into a cumbersome system and hope for a reply. We do it a little differently at Pax Resources. We believe it is our responsibility to incorporate your information into our system not the other way around.

Once you send your resume, we review it, upload it to our system, make notes and assign tags. Then we communicate with you that we have received your information and if a phone screen will be scheduled. Each resume is reviewed and uploaded by our staff, so it can take a little longer before we communicate but our response time is less than 24 hours. 

If you are considering a career change, want more information about the market or know we represent a career opportunity that’s of interest, feel free to share your resume with us.  Remember, your resume tells us part of your story. It’s what compels us to want to know more.  Make sure your “story” is quantifiable and interesting 


TELL US…What are you currently working on? 

Let’s talk about what’s interesting and challenging professionally in your world. Does your personal interest intersect with your professional work? All your experiences make you the person you are currently. We look forward to knowing you and helping you discover your next career opportunity. 


We welcome a conversation to discuss your career or other employment related topics.Call us at 859-474-2729 or email us. It will be a great conversation!