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You’ve seen that status on social media, right. 

It’s complicated seeking a new opportunity for a variety of reasons. There’s the relationship you have with your current employer, boss and co-workers.  Making the decision to “breakup” with them is difficult even when the new opportunity is better for you and possibly those involved in your personal life. 

Seeking a career change is time consuming. Researching opportunities, updating your resume, resume submittals, interviewing, rejections, negotiating and accepting offers. It’s exhilarating and stressful. 

Given the current economy, should you consider a change? 

Job offers are abundant. Career opportunities are rare!

Do you know the difference?  What difference will this change make in your professional career and personal life?

Making a career change is hard no matter how exciting the opportunity. If you are ready to search for a new opportunity, you can begin here. Concerned about making a change? Let’s have a confidential chat about your situation and see if a change makes sense for you.


TELL US…What are you currently working on? 

Let’s talk about what’s interesting and challenging professionally in your world. Does your personal interest intersect with your professional work? All your experiences make you the person you are currently. We look forward to knowing you and helping you discover your next career opportunity. 


We welcome a conversation to discuss your career or other employment related topics. Call us at 859-474-2729 or email us. It will be a great conversation!